'You're being very rude!' Zahawi loses it with Sky host over Braverman's return to Cabinet

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The new Conservative Party chairman insisted Ms Braverman is a “very capable” Cabinet member and called out the Sky News presenter for being “very rude”. Mr Paterson asked: “Does this Government take people for fools? It is clear that she was only reappointed because Rishi Sunak needed to reach out to the right of the party. It’s not as if Suella Braverman is the intellectual powerhouse of the Conservative party.”

Mr Zahawi responded: “You’re now personalising and being very rude about a politician.

“Suella is very capable and it’s unfair for you to say that so I ask you to reflect on that point.”

Mr Paterson interjected: “She is incredibly capable to fill the post of Home Secretary other than getting sacked from it six days ago?

“Don’t you understand there is a degree of frustration people have that there is this wash, rinse, repeat cycle in Government at the moment?

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“Someone messes up royally, they apologise and then they act as if the apology somehow makes everything peachy again.”

Mr Zahawi added: “You say apologise, she resigned! She resigned and apologised and a new Prime Minister came in and looked at the information and decided to give her a second chance.”

Former Tory chairman Sir Jake Berry has claimed Ms Braverman committed “multiple breaches of the ministerial code” as the Prime Minister faces a backlash over reinstating her Cabinet role.

She admitted to a “technical infringement” of the rules as she was forced out prior to the former PM’s downfall, making her then the shortest-serving home secretary in history.

Ms Braverman argued it was merely a draft written ministerial statement on immigration which had been due for publication imminently.

Allies said she sent it after going on a 4am immigration raid before coming clean about her “mistake”.

One told the PA news agency: “She was not expecting at all to be sacked over it.”

But officials said the file was sent much later and that the Cabinet papers had first been forwarded from her ministerial account to a private Gmail account before going elsewhere.

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