You'll love these deep discounts on gadgets under $80 for the home during Prime Early Access.

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Go, go, gadget sales! You’ll love these deep discounts on gadgets for the home and kitchen during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale – and EVERYTHING is under $80!

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There’s nothing like a cool gadget to really wow you — and to make you realize that this moment in history is really pretty darned amazing. With all the contraptions and inventions out there, you have to give it up for the items that promise to change your life, one innovation at a time.

So, it’s naturally exciting that so many of these gadgets are deeply discounted during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale. You can only snap these up for a few more hours, so get clicking!

Made with a combination of aircraft-grade aluminum and zinc alloy, the Hoverpen is a mind-blowing accessory that actually hovers in place at an angle. 

Like something out of Back to the Future, it stays balanced at its 23.5-degree angle, breaking the ice anytime someone new steps into your office. 

Watch the pen when you need a little mental break, or fidget with it as it hovers in place. This also makes a fun gift for anyone who loves a little high-tech quirk. 


Froth up a storm and transform your everyday coffee into something straight out of a coffee shop. 

You’ll feel like a barista with this in hand – and it comes in at such a reasonable price you may just want to snap up every color. Use it to beat eggs, too! 


Forget the fuss of dealing with corks every single time you want to open a bottle of wine. Now you can handle it with ease thanks to this electric device that does the job in a second. 

Just place it on top of your bottle, press the button, and you’re ready to sip. It doesn’t hurt that this sleek accessory makes an attractive addition to your bar cart! 


Bid farewell to the frustrating dust that builds up between the keys on your keyboard. That age-old conundrum is history thanks to this vacuum dust cleaner that features a sleek nozzle for quick and easy clean-ups. 

Because it’s cordless, you can use it virtually anywhere else, too, from tight nooks and crannies to your car seats.


We’ve all lost something to the depths of a dark hole, like a space between a car seat. That’s frustrating, but with this magnetic tool in hand you can bet your lost item will be back in your grasp in no time.

Use it to pick up the nuts and bolts that slide out your sight when you’re working on a big DIY project, too – it’s a must for any well-rounded toolbox.


Keep kitchen waste out of sight and out of mind with this bin that hooks easily onto cabinet and pantry doors. 

The lid prevents odors, too, contributing to a cleaner space with less risk of unwelcome pests. Lack room to hang it up? Slide it comfortably beneath a cabinet instead.


Meet the coolest duo to hit your kitchen table in years. No ordinary salt and pepper shakers, these are smart! Just turn them over to enjoy the benefits of freshly ground spices in a snap.

Plus, the built-in LED light allows you a clear view of precisely how much you’ve sprinkled onto your food, as well as what’s left inside the cylinder. 


Gloves that light up the night? You really never know when you’ll need something like this until you do – so it’s good to keep them on hand (literally).

Whether you’re camping, navigating a dark room, or just want another source of light, you’ll be glad to have these around. 


An extra power bank is always a safe investment – and a necessary one, if you constantly need to juice up your tech. 

Compatible with the iPhone 14 models and several others, it’s a pocket-sized companion that you can slip anywhere from a pocket or a purse to a glove compartment or a drawer.


Everyone loves a good do-it-all, especially when the product really does do it all. 

A pen is always an essential – but so is a stylus, a flashlight, a compass, a whistle, a bottle opener, a wrench, and all of the other handy fill-in-the-blanks that this tool offers you. 

Once it’s in your possession, you’ll never want to be without it! 



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