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Work that one out! Lazy Millennials increasingly having plastic surgery to ‘look athletic'


Nicholas Howland claimed that social media, and especially Tik Tok, has driven demand for the perfect bum, toned legs and sporty-looking features. He said the days when women would come into his clinic clutching photos of J Lo, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce and say “I want that one” are long gone.

He revealed that single women in their 20s and 30s now say they want the perfect bum for yoga pants, tight jeans, and leisurewear beloved by influencers.

To do this the “hip dip” is filled with fat from their backs to create a small but curvy hourglass figure with a full bum in a procedure called the “mini Brazilian Butt Lift”.

Dr Howland says he has seen demand for the “mini BBL” surge over the past two years with patients now showing him influencers’ Tik Tok clips instead of paparazzi photos.

The owner of Howland Plastic Surgery, in Salt Lake City, Utah, says demand for the procedure has doubled in just two years and “is here to stay”.

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“People show my pictures and videos from the app and Instagram saying, ‘this is what I want’.

“My patients are athletic in that 20s and 30s bracket, they are typically single and come from all sorts of financial backgrounds.

“One thing they have in common is they do not want this big, huge booty, they want something that looks a little more subtle and naturally feminine.

“We used to see people bringing in pictures of Kim Kardashian and J Lo but that is really rare now.

“Honestly the celebrities they are emulating are the Tik Tok pants that make butts look good – that’s the look most of these women are going for.”

Dr Howland, 39, says he does two of these procedures every week, which has almost doubled from last year.

The more subtle procedure sees ‘hip dips’ filled in with fat from their abdomen, belly and flanks to create an hourglass figure.

The notches between the hip and leg are then hidden by the injections – creating a fuller look.

Dr Howland, 39, injects the fat between the muscle and skin to sculpt the patient’s bum, in a safe and approved procedure.

The experienced surgeon has been practicing for 14 years and says the procedure is fast becoming a staple of his surgeries.

“The new trendy buzz word is hip dip,” said Dr Howland – who also co-owns Canyon Crest Surgical Centre and Clarity Skin Med Spa.

“You look at a feminine silhouette and you see that hourglass shape, the way our hip bones are structured you don’t get that full shape.

“Most people have a dip on the side and that’s pretty natural, but in some women they have some fat pockets that can develop there.

“For women who work out quite a bit and are fairly toned they don’t have that shape.

“But by doing a little bit of liposuction and putting the fat there we can give that fuller appearance and you ‘fix’ these hip dips.

“Over the last two years I have seen it really gain traction.

“It’s here to stay, but it is never going to overtake breast augmentation, tummy tucks and things like that but it is going to be up there as one of the mainstays of plastic surgery.”

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