Woman, 70, devastated after losing over £17,000 to scammer – 'Knew I was vulnerable'

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During their relationship, Susan was also sending money to Brook’s child, Alex who Brook said was staying with his nanny in Oslo. Whilst Brook was working overseas, he asked Susan to stay in touch with Alex on his behalf.

She contacted Alex’s nanny and she told her that Alex was in hospital, and she needed help paying his medical bills until Brook got home. Susan paid for their medical bills and accommodation too.

Eventually she had sent Brook over £17,000.

After investigating Susan’s case, Ashley found that she was on the end of a sophisticated scam.

He found that the scammer was using fake photographs of someone else online and posing as ‘Brook William’.

Before finding out the truth , Susan told Kym and Ashley that the scammer had called her the night prior and admitted to lying about their identity. They said they were a financial investor that had put all of Susan’s money in Bitcoin, and that one day she would get her money back.


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