Woman, 37, shot dead after neighbour living below 'fires handgun through the ceiling'

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A woman has been killed in the US after a neighbour living in an apartment below allegedly shot through the ceiling with a handgun. Alia Matti Balola, 37, died after being shot on Monday, October 24 in the village of Clemmons, North Carolina. Her neighbour A’Monte Zariq Jones, 20, was arrested and later charged by police. 

Ms Balola’s body wasn’t discovered in her third-floor apartment until the next morning, according to reports.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office identified the victim as Ms Jones.

Investigators say A’Monte Zariq Jones was in his second-floor apartment below when he fired a gun toward the ceiling. 

He hit Ms Balola who was believed to be in her bedroom at the time. 

Sheriff Bobby F Kimbrough, Jr. said in a statement: “As always, any loss of life is a loss to our community.

 “Even though our hearts are heavy, we are saddened by the tragic loss of life.

“Rest assured, the investigation is ongoing, so justice is brought to the life that was lost in this tragic incident.”

Following his arrest, Mr Jones has been charged with murder, felony discharging a firearm within an enclosure and felony discharging a weapon into an occupied dwelling.

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He has been denied bail meaning he will remain in police custody until his trial hearing. 

Emergency services rushed to the scene following the shooting on Monday.

Her family has criticised the sheriff’s department’s handling of the case, asking why it took so long for Ms Balola’s body to be found.

Her brother, Eric Balola, told Local 12: “Why didn’t they go up to the apartment at night?

“But they just say your sister died but she didn’t just die, she suffered.

“She could have suffered for one hour, for two hours, for three hours. We don’t know but she was suffering.”

Ms Balola was found next to her bed with a gunshot wound to her torso and her body was covered up with a blanket.

Neither the sheriff’s office nor the district attorney’s commented further, saying the investigation is ongoing.

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