Wild Kate and William baby number four claim sends US commentators into frenzy

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The Princess of Wales convinced Prince William to have a fourth baby join the family of three children, a royal insider has claimed. The unnamed source told US Weekly Kate “arm-twisted” William to officially get the Prince of Wales on board with the plan. Royally Us presenter Christina Garibaldi said: “Princess Kate and Prince William of course are already parents to three children but they may be thinking about baby number four.

“So, an insider tells Us Weekly that Kate has been talking about wanting another baby for a while now. 

“She has always wanted four children.

“And while William was originally happy with three, she has managed to twist his arm.

“An insider is definitely telling us that. I don’t know – we’ll have to wait and see. 

“On certain outings, she’s held some babies and Prince William is like: ‘Don’t give her any ideas’.”

Royal expert Christine Ross said: “I wonder if once you get those first three into school, you know Louis is in school now. 

“I do wonder if they go both ways. They’re like, ‘Of they’re all growing up. Let’s have or another one’.

“Or  ‘oh, they’re all in school now. We’re done. Let’s move on with things’.”

But the two royal experts agreed that “only time will tell” if the Prince and Princess of Wales have a fourth baby. 

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