Home Business Why Sudan Coup Is Threatening Foreign Aid, Path to Democracy

Why Sudan Coup Is Threatening Foreign Aid, Path to Democracy


A 2005 peace deal that ended a two-decade civil war led, six years later, to the partitioning of the country into Sudan and a new South Sudan. The new nation took control over three-quarters of the oil fields, stripping the north of a large chunk of its revenue and foreign exchange. The government tried to diversify the economy by encouraging mining, but it remains a fledgling industry, and the bulk of the country’s 45 million people depend on subsistence agriculture. The IMF expected that gross domestic product would expand just 0.9% in 2021. A blockade of the country’s main port by members of the Beja community brought trade almost to a halt for more than a month, further blunting its economic prospects. Sudan is among the world’s poorest nations, ranking 170th out of 189 countries on the UN Development Program’s human development index.

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