When do the clocks change? Exact date UK switches back to GMT

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Britons are approaching the end of Daylight Savings time, with BST soon to revert to GMT. The changing clocks will give people an extra hour in bed this month but could mess up schedules for those not expecting the change. And some may find that, depending on the device, they may not be alerted to the altered times.

When do the clocks change?

Clocks change twice a year in the UK starting in the summer, first going forwards when GMT switches to British Summer Time (BST).

The initial change means people lose an hour in bed, but the days become longer.

They change once more in the autumn back to GMT every October, helping people navigate the darker months.

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Royal Greenwich Observatory states people should remember clocks “spring” forward and “fall” back.

The autumn change will push clocks back this weekend on Sunday, October 30, at 2am.

While pushing the clocks forward in the summer makes the evenings brighter, rolling them back to GMT in the autumn makes the mornings more bearable.

Brighter mornings, experts believe, help workers and schoolchildren stay safer.

Do phone clocks automatically update to GMT?

Daylight savings have become less of a nuisance in recent decades thanks to advanced telephones.

Modern phones run clocks connected to the internet that adjust automatically from BST to GMT.

The same goes for other devices that use an internet connection, such as televisions and smartwatches.


Analogue clocks will also require manual adjustment, giving some people a headache come October 30.

Royal Collection staff, for example, must spend hours adjusting the classic clocks installed at the King’s official residences.

Altogether, the sites hold approximately 1,000 clocks that take over 50 hours to correct.

Staffers at locations like Buckingham Palace and Holyroodhouse start early in the morning to ensure the timepieces work accurately.

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