Home News ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant makes history as celebration nearly injures Vanna White

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant makes history as celebration nearly injures Vanna White


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A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant on Tuesday became the first person ever to win a house on the game show — prompting a confetti-fueled celebration that ended with co-host Vanna White getting hit in the head.

Laura Trammell, a sixth-grade teacher from Mission Viejo, Calif., had already won $23,690 in prizes when she solved the puzzle — “I caught a glimpse” — during the bonus round, footage shows.

She won a new pad in the Latitude Margaritaville community of Daytona Beach, Florida — valued at $375,000 — bringing her total prize money to a sky-high $398,690.

“This is just nuts!” host Pat Sajak told Trammell as confetti was shot across the stage in celebration.

But one of the pieces of confetti struck White in the head during the joyful moment.

Winning "Wheel of Fortune" puzzle reading "I caught a glimpse."
Laura Trammell correctly solved the bonus round puzzle.
Wheel Of Fortune Facebook

When the show returned from a commercial break, Sajak told viewers the confetti had nearly taken out White’s eye.

Laura Trammell is a sixth-grade teacher and became the first person to ever win a home on ‘Wheel of Fortune.”
Wheel Of Fortune Facebook

 “First thing, I have to tell you that, when you won, Vanna was running across the stage, and the confetti came out, [she] got whacked in the head by a clump of confetti!”

Pat Sajak holding a prize card for a new home.
Laura Trammell won a new home in the Latitude Margaritaville community of Daytona Beach, Florida.
Wheel Of Fortune Facebook

“Thank goodness, it wasn’t my eye,” White replied — prompting Sajak to exclaim, “You could’ve put your eye out!”

Vanna White.
“Thank goodness, it wasn’t my eye,” Vanna White said of the confetti incident.
Wheel Of Fortune Facebook

The famous 64-year-old letter-turner ultimately walked away with no serious injuries. And Trammell was over the moon about the historic win, which was part of the show’s “Home Sweet Home” giveaway this week.

 “I am beyond excited, I’m still in shock. I still can’t believe it just happened,” she said.

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