Home Business What’s Become of QAnon Since Trump’s Defeat?

What’s Become of QAnon Since Trump’s Defeat?


Basically, that Trump would triumph. In October 2017, almost one year after Trump’s surprise win, someone using the name Q hinted on the pseudo-anonymous discussion board 4chan — a platform known for perpetuating white nationalism — that Clinton’s arrest was imminent. After that claim proved unfounded, Q continued to post cryptic content termed “drops,” which are deciphered into plain English. (The posts from Q moved to another discussion board, 8Chan, which is now called 8Kun.) QAnon believers awaited the “Great Awakening,” or the moment the general public realized the conspiracy exists, and the “Storm,” when thousands of wrongdoers were to face justice. That latter idea was fueled by a cryptic comment uttered by Trump during a 2017 photo op with military generals: “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

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