Weight loss: Woman who ‘couldn’t walk anymore’ shed 3st by focusing on portion control

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She also said the key to her weight loss is being honest about what she ate. 

“It’s no good lying online – for example, saying you’ve just had two eggs when in reality you also had a bar of chocolate on the side. You’re not doing yourself any favours,” she remarked. 

“Also, it’s not a race. Everybody loses weight at a different rate and the bigger you are, the faster you can lose weight. 

“But if you’re five foot two, and you’ve only got a couple of stone to lose, it might take longer.”

Mary now weights 10st 8lbs and feels “healtiher, fitter and more confident”. 

“I’ve been shopping for clothes and I’ve filled a charity bag full all my size 16 clothes,” she revealed. “Donating them to charity makes me feel good. I’m enjoying buying new clothes online in size 12 or 14.”


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