Wayne Couzens warning signs could have kicked killer out of the police

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Warning signs which could have led to killer PC Wayne Couzens being kicked out of the police were missed. The predator in uniform was reported to senior officers after he sexually assaulted a female colleague.

But no action appears to have been taken and the allegation was dismissed as “just a slap on the bum.”

The incident happened at a south London police station in 2018 shortly after he transferred to the Met Police from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

Couzens, 49, whose nickname among some colleagues was “rapist,” also had a reputation of only stopping attractive female motorists.

He would take their personal details and so he could then go and watch them at their homes.

Couzens reportedly returned to one woman’s house three times so he could stare at her while sitting in his car.

The killer PC was also known for “always talking about sex,” according to some colleagues. He would sometimes park outside schools to watch teenage girls.

Female officers and members of staff felt uncomfortable after receiving unwanted Valentine cards from Couzens.

After he was jailed for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard, one colleague remarked: “He breached several regulations and was quite brazen about it.”

Dame Elish Angiolini has carried out a searching review into Couzens’ police career including allegations of criminal behaviour or misconduct and how senior officers responded.

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