Watters: Musk is the new bad guy in the country

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Jesse Watters discussed how the mainstream media is making Elon Musk out to be the “new Trump” and a “bad guy” after the billionaire promoted free speech and reached a deal to buy Twitter on “The Five.”

JESSE WATTERS: Elon Musk is the new Trump. He is the new bad guy in the country that they are going to thrash and throttle until they can bleed him dry so he doesn’t even want Twitter anymore. Maybe he’ll just fly off into space and say, “See you later.” This guy is going to be investigated by the FCC, by the Justice Department. They are going to destroy him as hard as possible. And any negative thing that happens on the platform – say someone goes and shoots somebody and they find, and they trace it. They’d like that death at his doorstep. Any negative thing that happens, that is blood on his hands. It’s not like he’s also saying there’s not going to be moderation. He’s saying they’re going to moderate. You’re not allowed to go there and say, “I’m going to kill everybody.” They’re going to moderate it. They’re just not going to rig it. And that’s why they’re so upset. Joy Reid is a joke. And who owns Comcast? Is it Brian Roberts? Does he still own NBC or whatever that is? Someone needs to ask Brian Roberts. Just show them a clip of Joy Reid, take it into his boardroom, and say, “Are you comfortable with this, paying this woman on your airwaves to say these kinds of things?” There’s no way in hell he would be comfortable listening to that on his own airwaves. 



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