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Video captures cop fatally shooting fleeing suspect on California highway


Dramatic bodycam footage captures the moment a California motorcycle cop fatally shoots a car-robbery suspect during a gun battle on a Fremont freeway.

The footage, released by the Fresno Police Department on Twitter, shows Police Officer Brian Burch first spot the stolen vehicle in a shopping-center parking lot on March 24 and slowly follow the SUV as the cop’s backup is arriving.

The suspect, identified by police as 34-year-old Joshua James Gloria, then pulled out of the lot and onto I-84 — with Burch in pursuit.

The stolen vehicle had a flat rear tire, forcing Gloria to pull over. The suspect exits the vehicle firing at the cop, who jumps off his motorcycle as he ducks behind an embankment for shelter, the video shows.

“Oh, s–t!” Burch, a six-year veteran of the police department, is heard yelling as he takes cover. “Shots fired! Shots fired! Shots fired!”

Gloria is then seen straddling the officer’s motorcycle, which police said was equipped with a department-issued AR-15 style rifle, and returns fire.

Body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting that occurred on State Route Hwy 84
Joshua Gloria engaged in a gunfight with the officer after being pulled over in a stolen vehicle.

Gloria is seen then trying to dash back to the stolen car when he is hit by a bullet and falls to the ground.

“Suspect down,” the cop says.

“T8, are you hit?” the dispatcher asks, referring to the cop.

“Negative,” Burch says.

Video grabs from March 24, 2021 officer-involved shooting.
Joshua Gloria straddled Officer Brian Burch’s motorcycle before returning fire.

Gloria was pronounced dead at the scene.

The California Highway Patrol said in a release that the stolen vehicle driven by Gloria of Oakland was sought in an armed robbery in the area.

Video grabs from March 24, 2021 officer-involved shooting
Officer Brian Burch jumped off his motorcycle and ducked behind an embankment for shelter before subduing Joshua Garcia.

According to KPIX-TV, cops later learned that Gloria was wanted on an attempted-murder warrant for an earlier shooting at an illegal gambling den.

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