Victor Davis Hanson rips the Democratic Party: They're the party of the 'elite' who despise the middle class

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Hoover Institute senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss why the Democratic Party continues to flip-flop on major issues.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: They said. “Well, we don’t have the people, but we have the institutions, corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, K-12 academia. So, we can influence opinion without having a majority of opinion.” And then, of course, they changed the demography, we’ve had about 40 million people come in the last 40 years. 

So now they’re saying, “Well, you know what, in good Jacobin or Bolshevik fashion, we’ve got to reeducate young people, get them where they’re young, indoctrinate them,’… And so they’re trying to do that. And they want to change the system. They’re saying, “Well, if we can indoctrinate them, maybe we can get rid of the filibuster or get rid of the Electoral College or pack the court or have a national voter ID law.” But all of us have a common denominator, and that is, they are the party of the elite now.


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