US TV talk show justify The Crown controversy by quoting Prince Harry – WATCH

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Joy Behar, a panellist on US TV talk show The View, disagreed with Dame Judi Dench’s warning about The Crown, suggesting the show does not need a disclaimer. This comes amid growing commentary surrounding the upcoming fifth season of the hit Netflix show. Dame Judi Dench accused the show of “crude sensationalism”, as she called for a disclaimer “for the sake of a family and a nation so recently bereaved, as a mark of respect to a sovereign who served her people so dutifully for 70 years, and to preserve its reputation in the eyes of its British subscribers”.

But Ms Behar said that “anyone with a brain” would understand what’s accurate and not.

Fellow panellist Sunni Hostin also defended the show’s reported plan to show the timeline leading up to Princess Diana’s death.

The Crown has already vowed not to re-create the car-crash that killed Princess Diana in 1997.

Ms Hostin used Prince Harry’s own words to justify The Crown’s treatment of Diana, despite concerns in the Royal Family, as she added that “history is ugly sometimes”.

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The View panellist said: “I will say this, one of the pushbacks that they’re getting is about Princess Diana’s death.

“They’re not going to show what really happened, but I think we all remember how tragic that was, and history is ugly sometimes, and I don’t think there’s a problem showing it.

“I found a quote from Harry. He told Oprah, ‘History was repeating itself. My mother was chased to her death while she was in a relationship with someone that wasn’t white and now look what happened’.

“He feared that it was gonna happen again. 

“It’s something we should never forget happened.”

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