US on receiving end of 'horror warning' as weapons tipped to end up in Russia's hands

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The US has been sent a horror warning as the weapons systems it has been shipping over to Ukraine could end up in the hands of the Russians, Israel’s former National Security Advisor told Amid the brutal war in Ukraine, the US has sent a vast number of high-tech weapons systems to help Ukrainian forces devastate Russian troops and blast incoming missiles out the sky. While these vital defence systems have provided a lifeline for the invaded nation, the US’ lethal aid does not come without risk to Washington, former security advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister Jacob Nagel, has warned. 

The US has given Ukraine dozens of different munitions and weapon systems, including highly effective HIMARS long-range rocket systems, stringer missiles, anti-tank missiles and MLRS rockets. 

While some of these weapons can cause some heavy damage to Vladimir Putin’s troops, Mr Nagel said there is a better batch of weapons that the US could have sent Ukraine, but is holding back so as not to risk Russia getting its hands on advanced weapons.

But unlike Israel, which has refused to send Ukraine any weapons whatsoever in part because of this, Mr Nigel said the US is being hypocritical by asking Israel to send over advanced weapons systems.

He explained: “It is a hypocrisy of those that are pointing the finger at Israel, instead of pointing the finger at themselves. Why are people from the US asking Israel to send weapons but at the same time, asking the US to send Patriot or Predator missiles. 

“The systems that the US is sending to Ukraine are not third-line systems. Still, some of them are sophisticated systems like the HIMARS and some others. But it is not a question of if they will find themselves in the hands of the Iranians, it is for sure.”

Iran and Israel have a history of heated tension and are engaged in a proxy war in Syria. Amid the Ukraine war, Russia and Iran appear to be cosying up – with Iranian drones having rained down on the invaded Eastern European country in multiple strikes in recent weeks.  

Mr Nagel said Israel does not want to risk Iran getting its hand on its defence technologies via the Ukraine war. Meanwhile, the US has willingly sent over weapons systems which the security expert warend will end up in the hands of both the Iranians and the Russians.

He: “Those systems of the US are less dangerous…but if the weapons are in Ukraine, it will end up in the hands of the Russians. In a war, systems on one side go to the other side…It is not an if or why, it is a certainty.”

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However, it appears the US is well aware of this risk, given that it has sent military personnel to Ukraine to reportedly help keep track of all the lethal aid it has shipped over, which is worth billions of dollars. 

NBC reports that the checks are being led by Brig. Gen. Garrick Harmon, with the help of the Office of Defense Cooperation personnel at the US Embassy in Ukraine, a senior US defense official and senior US military official told the publication. 

The officials said that there have so far been “several of these inspections”, with the Ukrainians reportedly being “very transparent” and supportive of the inspections. 

The US has also reportedly not seen any evidence of weapons being sold on a black market or used for anything other than their original purpose, however Washington is reportedly aware that this is a risk.

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And just as Mr Nagel warned, the US itself has even raised concerns over Russia’s ability to get its hands on its weapon systems. 

A State Department document warned that “Russia probably will also use these weapons to develop countermeasures, propaganda, or to conduct false-flag operations”, adding that pro-Russian forces have been “the main vector of diversion so far and could result in onward transfer” of Ukrainian and donated weapons. 

But Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told CNN back in April that every day,  the “security assistance, weapons and material and support equipment that is getting into Ukrainian hands”. 

He added: “We’re going to keep doing that as much as we can, as fast as we can. We have not seen any Russian efforts to interdict that flow. And so we’re just going to keep doing it. We constantly look at it every day monitor it, change it, adapt it as needed.”


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