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US cancel culture as bad as North Korea, claims defector who escaped Kim Jong-un's state


North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has warned of ‘Marxist’ parallels between cancel culture in US third level education and the totalitarian regime of Kim Jong-un. Speaking about cancel culture, Ms Park said: “My enemy used to be Kim Jong-un, but now so many Marxists are sending me death threats”. The 27-year-old told the Fox News Hannity programme on Monday that after she fled the North Korean regime and arrived in the US she presumed she was finally in a free society where freedom of expression would not be censored.

However, the reality she discovered on US campuses was very different to her expectations.

Speaking on the Hannity programme she said: “I fell in love with this country, this is such a wonderful country.”

But she said universities has started to blame “white men” for problems in American society.

She added: “Was I sitting in North Korea’s classroom or in America’s classroom?

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“My original family got punished but now ironically enough, so many Marxists and Communists and Maoists and Leninists are now are sending me death threats.”

The North Korean defector said US cancel culture is a sad “irony”.

She said: “I crossed the Gobi desert to be free and now I thought I live in a country where I can say what I believe and have my freedom to think.

“However, now I have to constantly censor my speech because in the name of a safe place.

“Columbia told us what we can’t talk about and I am so concerned if America is not free.

“I think there is no place else left that is free that’s why it’s really alarming to me.”

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