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Unvaccinated man with dire case of COVID-19 urges others to get shots in hospital bed posts


An unvaccinated Virginia man who thought he was “invincible” to COVID-19 is rallying anti-vaxxers to get their shots from his hospital bed, where he is laid up with a dire case of the virus.

Travis Campbell, 43, has been in the hospital for more than a week with COVID-19 complications, and his wife and two of their children have also fallen ill, according to NBC News.

Campbell is now hooked up to multiple breathing apparatuses and fighting through his grim condition to post videos to Facebook urging people to get inoculated.

“I made it through another whole night, and I’m thankful to see daylight,” Travis said through belabored breaths on a Thursday post from his hospital bed.

“Every single breath is like swinging an axe,” the patient said in an emotional 11 minute video where he discussed the importance of the vaccination amid his cautionary tale.

Kellie Campbell worries that her husband could soon be placed on a ventilator, as his condition has steadily deteriorated over the past weeks, the network reported.

“We just thought we were invincible and we weren’t going to get it,” Kellie told the outlet. “And we’ve just been so busy, and we just moved, and we prolonged getting the vaccine.”

“He started in a regular room, and then he went to a Covid ICU room, and now he’s in the pulmonary ICU.”

"Every single breath is like swinging an axe," the 43-year old Travis Campbell said in a Facebook video.
“Every single breath is like swinging an axe,” the 43-year old Travis Campbell said in a Facebook video.

On Tuesday, Travis asked followers if they’d rather get inoculated or plan their own funeral services.

“I hope to God that all my friends and family would not say, ‘Somebody hand me a piece of paper and a pen.’ That’s a sobering thought, of which I have done,” he said.

Kellie told NBC that Travis’ condition is now day by day, and she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer through a similar ordeal.

“If you have to take time off work, if you have to miss out on something, you need to go get the vaccine, because we didn’t, and look where we are now,” she reportedly said. “I mean, that should be your top priority. Especially not just for you, but your family members.”

The comment section of Travis’ emotional posts were flooded by remarks from supporters, and strangers who were compelled to get vaccinated after witnessing his plight.

“Me and my wife went Monday and got our covid vaccine,” one read

“Getting mine and my wife Friday no way before would I have gotten them we knew instantly had to be done,” another person wrote.

“Travis it is clear that your campaign is working. Keep it up buddy, you are doing great work, as hard as it is I’m sure in your condition. May you get well soon,” said a third supporter.

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