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Unseen photos from 9/11 terror attack discovered in family album


A Connecticut teenager discovered never-before-seen images of the 9/11 terror attacks inside an old family album.

Liam Enea, 19, was flipping through an old Valentine’s Day-themed album that once belonged to his great aunt Maryann Puglisi-Muño when he stumbled on images of the deadliest attack in United States history, the teen told Newsweek.

The collection of unseen photos show the Twin Towers engulfed in flames and plumes of smoke, and Lower Manhattan covered in dust and debris.

Enea, who was born in White Plains, New York, and now resides in Connecticut, said he was even able to locate the building from which his great aunt snapped the photos.

“Through the photos, I determined that she lived in an apartment at 310 Greenwich Street in New York City whose terrace faced south toward the World Trade Center,” he told the outlet.

Smoke billowing from the Twin Towers.
Liam Enea shared his great aunt’s pictures on Reddit, sparking the community to share their 9/11 experience.
Courtesy of Liam Enea

“On that day and in the aftermath, she took the photographs on a type of disposable camera. I determined that she lived there by looking at an aerial photograph of the buildings and locating the nearest residential high-rise north of the towers.

Twin Towers collapsing.
Maryann Maryann Puglisi-Muño documented the collapse of the Twin Towers with a disposable camera.
Courtesy of Liam Enea

“Also, when I showed my mother the building, she instantly recognized it from a 1990s visit and confirmed that Maryann lived there,” the teen said.

Twin Towers collapsing.
“I hoped people would find them interesting,” Liam Enea said of his great aunt’s snapshots.
Courtesy of Liam Enea

The album, which Enea showed off in a recent TikTok video Sunday, was initially given to his late grandmother by Maryann and passed down to him approximately four years ago, Newsweek reported. Enea decided to scan the images in February of this year.

Dust after the collapse of the Twin Towers.
The towers’ collapse cast a plume of smoke and ash over New York City.
Courtesy of Liam Enea

The teen also revealed his own connection to September 11, noting his mother had done a tour of Manhattan weeks before the attacks and that his father, then an audio engineer with NBC, worked near the towers — but did not go in after the North Tower was hit.

Dust covers NYC after the collapse of the Twin Towers.
Dust covers Lower Manhattan following the collapse of the Twin Towers.
Courtesy of Liam Enea

Enea also shared the images in a series of Reddit posts Sunday, which garnered thousands of likes and droves of Redditors to share their personal 9/11 experiences.

Dust covers NYC following the collapse of the Twin Towers.
Liam Enea’s great aunt, Maryann Puglisi-Muño, took the pictures from her Greenwich Street apartment in Lower Manhattan.
Courtesy of Liam Enea

“I was compelled to post them on Reddit because I hoped people would find them interesting, given that the most iconic photos of the events were taken from a distance, on the ground near the buildings, or from the sky. These photos show the towers from a close residence,” he said.

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