Ukraine LIVE: Putin's hands 'turning black' after leaked emails pinpoint his two diseases

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A bombshell email shared with the Sun from a purported Kremlin insider pinpointed two major diseases Putin is allegedly suffering with. 

The email said: “I can confirm he has been diagnosed with early-stage Parkinson’s disease, but it’s already progressing,” the Russian security services insider claimed in the email.

“This fact will be denied in every possible way and hidden.

“Putin is regularly stuffed with all kinds of heavy steroids and innovative painkilling injections to stop the spread of pancreatic cancer he was recently diagnosed with.

“It not only causes a lot of pain, Putin has a state of puffiness of the face and other side effects – including memory lapses.

“In his close circle, there are rumours that in addition to pancreatic cancer, which is gradually spreading, Putin also has prostate cancer.”

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