Ukraine grain supply under threat as Zelensky warns of 'tough response' to Russia

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President Zelensky has threatened Putin with a “tough response” if Russia continues to interfere with Ukraine’s grain export corridor. A deal was brokered on July 22 between Turkey and the UN to allow grain ships to pass through the area, however, Moscow has recently extricated itself from the agreement.

Ships are continuing to be loaded and move out of ports thanks to Turkish cooperation.

Putin withdrew from the deal claiming he could not guarantee the safety of civilian ships after his fleet were attacked in the Black Sea.

Speaking in his Tuesday night address the Ukrainian President said: “A reliable and long-term defence is needed for the grain corridor.

“Russia must clearly be made aware that it will receive a tough response from the world to any steps to disrupt our food exports.

“At issue here clearly are the lives of tens of millions of people.”

The aim of the grain deal was to provide extra sunflower oil, wheat and fertiliser for world markets in order to prevent millions suffering from hunger.

Before the war Ukraine exported five million metric tonnes of food supplies every month.

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He said he expected to hear a response “today and tomorrow”.

Moscow has also been accused of targeting key Ukrainian infrastructure such as power plants, plunging millions into darkness.

President Zelensky said: “We will do everything we can to provide power and heat for the coming winter.

“But we must understand that Russia will do everything it can to destroy normal life.”

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