UK Mum saved £17,000 in a year – read her simple and easy money-saving tips

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Nicola is an expert saver. The award-winning personal finance blogger lives in the North of England with her husband and two sons.

She went on: “Lots of things are increasing in price at the moment – gas/elec, petrol, childcare, food prices – and so it is going to have quite an impact on our budget.

“I am going to try and keep costs from mounting too much but some of those will be unavoidable.”

How, how can you emulate Nicola’s savings success?

The expert said: “The main thing is to really focus on going back to basics in terms of finances and focus on reducing outgoings as much as possible.

“Definitely get used to tracking your incomings and outgoings.

Nicola recently discussed how she lived for a week on a £10 budget for groceries. 

In her video, How to Eat for £10 a Week, Nicola detailed what she bought for £10 a week.

The saving expert did her shopping in Morrisons.

Nicola told the secret is: “Writing a meal plan and sticking to a list.”

You can follow Nicola’s money saving journey on her Instagram and her Youtube.


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