Tune in to the best TV deals you can snap up right now during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale

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Tune in to the best TV deals you can snap up right now during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale – with savings of up to 40% off on Samsung, Sony, LG, Hisense, and many more

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Rarely do television deals rank as impressively as the fantastic showing at the Amazon Prime Early access sale. From the likes of LG, Samsung, Sony, and more, these are some of the industry’s leading models — and right now they’re yours for a fraction of the price.

Whether you’ve long coveted a big-screen model or you want to add something new to another room in your home, you’ll find just the right option here. Just don’t wait, as these deals will expire within hours!

Go big or go home — or do both with this TV that’s packed with unique features. At 75 inches, it’s just the right choice if you’re dreaming of a bigger screen. 

It also includes an ‘Art Mode’ that offers you access to more than 1,400 different pieces of artwork that you can show off on the screen whenever it’s not in use. 

The Mona Lisa? A nature shot? Animals? Take your pick — it’s all there, and it’s a nice feature that transforms the TV into a work of art. 


Crisp picture quality is a must, whether you’re binge-watching your favorite series or inviting everyone over on game day. 

With this LG in your living room, you’ll forget all about subpar images when you set your sights on what it delivers. It’s even equipped with a game optimizing function that makes it easier for you to play with speed and enjoy speedier response times. 

Use Alexa or Google Assistant to get the information you need with a quick request. 


Get that outdoor vibe going with this TV that’s specifically designed for your viewing pleasure in the sunlight. 

Perfect for that patio or deck all set up for home entertaining, this device is also rated for prevention against potentially harmful elements like dust and moisture. 

Plus, it’s designed with an anti-glare screen so everyone has an exceptional view. 


With its innovative Nanocell display, this LG TV is destined to change the way you perceive picture quality and color clarity. 

The colors are rich and intense, producing images that are dramatically different from what you’ve viewed before. Use the game optimizer to improve your experience while playing, too. 


Want a new Sony TV and also happen to be an avid gamer? This smart TV has your needs met with its catalog of features designed exclusively for PlayStation 5, including automatic HDR tone mapping and automatic genre picture switch. 

Naturally, it’s smart, too, and compatible with your Google Assistant for the ultimate next-level experience. 


Think of this as a 4K TV on steroids. It’s a hyper-charged version that offers enhanced performance every step of the way. 

Think better contrast, deeply saturated color, improved brightness, and more impressive ‘Ultra Motion’ technology that eliminates the blurry factor sometimes associated with moving objects on the screen. 

It’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for something impressively sized minus the matching price tag. 


If you’re looking for a high-quality TV that’s sized just right, try this brilliant option that offers the benefits of 4K Ultra HD viewing along with richer and more intense color saturation. 

Use Alexa to easily control your experience, check weather reports, listen to the next, or fire up your favorite series — all by using your voice alone. 


Some TVs are true workhorses in every sense of the word. This multitasking force is perfect for meeting both your personal and professional needs. 

Use its wireless DeX platform to use the TV as a PC — minus the actual PC. Take advantage of AirPlay 2 integration, Microsoft 365 suite, and the ability to deliver data seamlessly — all from the same TV where you can catch up on your favorites. 


Need a massive TV that’s destined to wow you every single time you look its way? Want so ave 27% off the original price?

There’s no question that this 85-inch TV will deliver each and every time. It features PlayStation 5 features so you can game with greater enjoyment, plus the benefit of rich and true color engagement coupled with smart TV features that will undoubtedly make it your most-used device. 



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