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Trump likens Biden to Carter, citing gas crisis and Israel-Palestinian conflict


Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday likened President Biden to one-term Democratic President Jimmy Carter, whose popularity plunged due to a gas crisis and conflict in the Middle East with Iran.

Trump, who says he may seek a rematch against Biden in 2024, said, “I see that everybody is comparing Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. It would seem to me that is very unfair to Jimmy Carter.”

Trump blamed Biden for the crippling hack of the Colonial pipeline, which is causing gas stations across the Southeast to run dry, and for renewed clashes between Israel and Palestinians.

“Jimmy mishandled crisis after crisis, but Biden has CREATED crisis after crisis,” Trump wrote.

“First there was the Biden Border Crisis (that he refuses to call a Crisis), then the Biden Economic Crisis, then the Biden Israel Crisis, and now the Biden Gas Crisis.”

Trump added: “Joe Biden has had the worst start of any president in United States history, and someday, they will compare future disasters to the Biden Administration —but no, Jimmy was better!”

The White House declined to comment on Trump’s statement.

Trump's comparison comes amid a gas shortage and tensions among Israel and Palestine.
Trump’s comparison comes amid a gas shortage and tensions among Israel and Palestine.
REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Trump said in an earlier statement that Palestinian Islamist group Hamas was emboldened to launch rockets at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv by Biden’s presidency.

“When I was in office we were known as the Peace Presidency, because Israel’s adversaries knew that the United States stood strongly with Israel and there would be swift retribution if Israel was attacked,” Trump said.

The Biden administration has struggled to handle the pair of crises. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Tony Blinken spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after Israeli civilians spent the night in air raid shelters.

Biden cabinet officials, meanwhile, are pleading with Americans not to hoard gasoline as supplies run out from Florida to Maryland due to the hack.

Officials said at a White House press briefing on Wednesday that the company plans to restore its pipeline functionality this weekend after about a week of being offline.

The Biden administration hasn’t said if the company paid a ransom to hackers, who are believed to be located in Russia, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in response to a question from The Post that authorities aren’t discussing government intervention to reopen the pipeline if the company is unable to do so.

Former President Jimmy Carter's portrait in 1980.
Former President Jimmy Carter’s portrait in 1980.
Getty Images

Biden and first lady Jill Biden recently visited Carter, 96, during a trip to Georgia. The 78-year-old Biden was one of Carter’s early endorsers in the 1976 presidential campaign.

Carter lost re-election as the nation’s mood slouched following defeat in the Vietnam War and a long-running hostage crisis in Iran. And Biden has been critical of Carter’s effectiveness, writing in his 2008 book “Promises to Keep” that although he was an appealing candidate, “once elected, Jimmy Carter was unable to pull it off.”

“He couldn’t overcome the orthodoxies of the Democratic Party, and he couldn’t overcome himself,” Biden wrote.

Biden has sought to force through massive and socially transformative legislation in his first year in office. But after ramming through a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill in March, he’s faced increasing headwinds on a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan and a $1.8 trillion “families” plan.

On Wednesday, Biden hosted the top Republicans in Congress at the White House for a discussion on possible compromise. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters afterward that Republicans have a “red line” on raising taxes, which Biden says is necessary to pay for his agenda.

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