'Traumatised' dad's priceless reaction after daughter shows off her sexy Halloween costume

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Saoirse Bodge Flynn shared her devil costume for Halloween on TikTok before turning the camera on her dad to show his reaction, leaving viewers divided. Some said the move was “disrespectful” adding that she should be “embarrassed” to wear the outfit in front of her dad, while others seemed to see the funny side.

The Dubliner shared the clip of her posing in front of the mirror in a red PVC bodysuit and accompanying wrap skirt, thigh-high boots and complete with devil horns.

She then turned the camera on her dad asking him “what do you think of my Halloween costume” to which he replied: “I’m not even going to comment on it.”

After appearing shocked for a few seconds, she asked her dad: “Do you not like it?”

He then jokes: “When I see it on you, then I’ll say fine.”

The video has racked up over 1.8million views with the title “Safe to say he doesn’t approve”. 

Some viewers said they would never wear the outfit in front of their dad with one joking “I’d be killed” and have more respect for their parents.

One commented: “That’s not on he’s traumatised you can see the shock on his face.”

Another said: “The disrespect is out of this world”.

A third wrote: “My dad would’ve put me in a Halloween grave. I wouldn’t even have been game enough to do it as a joke.”

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But others were more supportive of Saoirse Bodge Flynn, who uses the handle @saoirsebodgeflynn on TikTok. 

One woman commented: “Omg, these comments are terrible. She should be able to wear whatever she wants. Go girl, you are stunning in that costume.”

Another said: “This girl is slaying Halloween, people wear stuff like this all the time”.

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