Toto Wolff has private 'deal' in place with Lewis Hamilton with specific requirements

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Speaking ahead of the new season, Wolff admitted that his relationship with Hamilton hit rock bottom in 2016 when Nico Rosberg beat his team-mate to the title. Hamilton was reportedly unsure of staying with Mercedes until Wolff held a face-to-face crunch meeting with the British F1 star in his kitchen over Christmas.

“I said we need to decide whether we want to work together or not,” Wolff said. “You want to win as a driver, I want to win as a team. Sometimes our different agendas are going to lead to conflict and we need to decide whether we can cope with that situation.

“We were in my kitchen. I said to him, and Susie didn’t much like this analogy, that even though Susie and I might disagree about something, it would never come into my mind to divorce. ‘And it’s the same with you Lewis,’ I said. ‘I don’t want a divorce. You’re the best driver. I want you in our car and we want to provide you with the best car.’

“We kind of went into this discussion at loggerheads and then, after four or five hours in the kitchen, we found ourselves on a totally different level.”

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