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Top Tips for a Company Event That All Your Restaurant Staff Can Enjoy

Your staff may have had a tough year adapting to all the new technology that you are introducing to your business, or they may simply need a little break from the daily grind during the summer or when the holidays approach. 

Whether you are planning an event to celebrate a retirement, a launch, or the end of a training program, here are some of the top tips that you should follow to host a company event that all your restaurant staff will enjoy. 

Hire a Bartender

Rather than force one of your staff members to work during an event that is all about them, you should instead consider outsourcing this help for once, especially if you have decided to hire a separate venue for the occasion. 

A bartender can ensure that the drinks keep flowing and that your employees are able to let loose more easily. Not only this, but a professional bartender will be TIPS-certified, meaning that your team will be able to stay safe while they drink. 

You should consider looking at the services that Event Bartenders offer, as they will be able to manage the bar at any type of party that you decide to host. 

Download an Organization or Project Management App

Planning a party for your team can be just as stressful as organizing an event at your venue. Therefore, you should make sure that you utilize an organization or project management app to ensure that you can keep control of every aspect of your event and that you are able to meet deadlines, such as paying services on time. This will also mean that no element of your party gets forgotten and that you are able to quickly set the perfect date for your event. There are many organization and project management apps that you can choose from, and you should try to find the best of these to suit your specific event. 

Use a Music Playlist Service

If you are struggling to make a playlist for the event in question, you should consider hiring a music service that can develop custom playlists for events that you will be able to download, and that will make sure that everyone stays on the dance floor. 

You can also use a music streaming service, such as Spotify, which has ready-made playlists available, and which is ad-free if you choose a premium subscription. You should also make sure that you invest in state-of-the-art speakers so that you can make your event feel exciting and professional. 

It is possible to plan a great party for your restaurant staff and to ensure that it is tech-savvy and exciting for all, whether you decide to invest in party lighting equipment or show robots, or simply ask your team to respond to the invite on an online social platform, such as Facebook. By doing this, you can increase staff loyalty, reward your employees, and help your team to destress after a hard year. 



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