Top Amazon deals on Spring Cleaning storage essentials: declutter and organize your home for less

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The best Amazon deals on Spring Cleaning storage essentials: from 39% off vacuum storage bags to an expandable drawer organizer for less than $25

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Need some spring cleaning motivation? Amazon has hundreds of price reductions and great deals on storage solutions right now.

If you want to declutter and make your home look neater without spending hours scrubbing and dusting, start by investing in some smart storage options. With fewer things out on display, your home will look more organized and you’ll feel calmer when you know exactly where things are.

From a jewelry organizer to stop tangled necklaces and bracelets forever to smarter ways to lay out your kitchen drawers, here are eight practical and affordable organizational aids for less than $30.

If you love shabby chic, farmhouse-style interior design and hate tangled jewelry, meet both needs with this rustic wooden jewelry organizer. 

It features a removable bar on top ideal for storing bracelets, bangles and watches while 16 small hooks on the bottom are for hanging necklaces to keep them tangle free. A back mesh wire screen will keep earrings safe.

There’s even a ledge shelf to hold ring boxes or where you can put down pieces while you get ready. All for less than 30!


If you have too much clutter on the ground level, you need some shelves to lift things out of sight. 

Made of high quality MDF wood and durable metal hooks in a beautiful white finish, these affordable floating shelves blend into walls for a streamline effect.

Perfect for hanging hats, coats, bags and displaying photos and collectibles, you can use them to hold anything up to 15 lb. Never waste time hunting for your keys or bag again.


Most kitchen draw organizers only have spaced for cutlery, which means that the rest of the draw gets filled with random bits and bobs around the sides. But this tray expands from 13 inches to 20 inches to fit your whole drawer.

This means it can hold large kitchen utensils such as slotted spoons, spatulas, scoopers, and more.

Made from organic bamboo material, it will last ages.  It’s also water-resistant and can easily wipe clean with a damp cloth 


 Add storage space without having to clean out your closet by putting clothes and blankets in these airtight bags when not in season. Sealed tightly in these SPACE MAX bags, their volume will be reduced by 80 percent. 

With a Triple Seal Turbo Valve designed to provide the best air-tight suction, and a Double-Zip Seal to ensure no air gets in or out, your clothes will stay in peak conditioned and protected from dust until you’re ready to wear them again. 


Are you always turning the house upside down hunting for batteries when the kids need power for their toys or the remote control dies? Save time with this versatile, portable battery case . It holds 180 total batteries, including 78 AA, 64 AAA, eight 9-volt, 10 C, 8 D, and 12 flat batteries! 

Each home battery organizer also comes with a small battery tester to help you see if batteries are still good. 


Do you currently store knives in a block on your kitchen surfaces? It’s far safer to store them away from sight and reach in a drawer that can hold up to 16 knives and 1 knife sharpener

This knife organizer contains 8 upper knife slots for knives up to 9.25” long (including the handle) and 8 lower knife slots to fit knives up to 16” long. The slots have a sturdy design, made from long-lasting bamboo, to ensure your knives stay in place at all times and stay sharp for years.


If the desk of your home office is overflowing, this paper tray will make a huge difference. With no more papers floating around, you’ll be able to locate the document you need faster.

Plus, you’ll feel happier about starting your work when you arrive at an organized desk. 

The sleek black finish looks smart, sophisticated and minimalist and will suit most office color schemes and desk layouts.


Measuring 11 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches, these compact storage cubes can be used for storing almost anything from clothes to games, toys and art and craft supplies. 

Made of superb quality lightweight non-woven fabric, you can fold them down when not in use so they won’t take up unnecessary space. Convenient side handle for easy carrying means you can store essentials in one room and take them through to another room when you want to use what’s inside.

Available in 10 colors, there’s an option for all interior tastes.




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