Toilet warning: Scented toilet paper could be hiking your risk of seven health problems

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“You might think that using toilet paper or wipes that smell nice is more hygienic and helps things smell better down there,” said Health and Wellbeing Expert Stephanie Taylor. “Yet, they’re not good for your intimate health at all.”

While scented products might seem as a more tempting purchase, the often chemical-infused sheets might not do much good to your bottom.

“If used too frequently, the chemicals in scented wipes can irritate the skin around your anus, causing it to itch or burn,” the expert explained.

In fact, she shared that the use of scented loo roll can put you at the risk of various conditions, ranging from “pruritus ani” to haemorrhoids.

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The health problems you might be faced with are:

  • Pruritus ani (“polished anus syndrome”)
  • Anal fissures (a small tear)
  • Micro-abrasions (skin cuts)
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Visible tears or cracks
  • A lump of skin pushing through the anus.

She explained: “Using scented products is not recommended for use on the anus or vaginal region.

“Aside from pruritus ani (polished anus syndrome), scented products can result in anal fissures, micro-abrasions or haemorrhoids, irritating the anus area, rectal bleeding, visible tears or cracks, discomfort when passing a stool or even a lump of skin pushing through the anus.”


How does scented toilet paper increase the risk of health problems?

Taylor said: “Scented toilet paper has been found to contain potential toxins such as chlorine bleach and formaldehyde.

“While these chemicals might make the toilet paper smell nice and sometimes even improve its strength, they can be harmful to your health and be irritating to the skin around the anus and vaginal area.

“The skin around the anus is sensitive. And just like you wouldn’t repeatedly rub something containing chemicals on another sensitive area, you should use scented toilet paper with caution and be aware that excessively exposing this area to the chemicals could cause or exacerbate issues.”

The founder of StressNoMore added that while the loo roll might not be “the primary cause”, using scented products with dyes and chemicals to wipe your bottom doesn’t help.

“They rub on the skin around the anus and irritate it, making the affected area sorer, creating further tears or resulting in more itchiness,” Taylor noted.

So, if you don’t want to risk these seven conditions, it might be time to say goodbye to scented loo roll.

Taylor advised: “Ensure you clean your anus gently using only plain white, unscented toilet paper and check that the area is completely dry before putting any underwear back on.”


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