Time to ditch your broadband? EE shows off a much faster way to get connected

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It’s no secret that the UK still has a problem when it comes to broadband speeds. Streets across Britain are slowly being upgraded to faster full fibre but many won’t see this vital boost until at least 2026. With busy homes now relying on a good internet connection for work and play this update won’t come soon enough but there could soon be another way to get blisteringly quick downloads and it won’t come via a cable being drilled through the walls.

EE has just revealed the results of its latest 5G data tests with the network boasting that it’s been able to whizz the web to devices at speeds in excess of 2Gbps – that’s over 25 times faster than the current fixed-line average. At that rapid rate, you’d be able to download a blockbuster HD movie in around 20 seconds – it takes almost 10 minutes for the same file to arrive via a standard 70Mbps connection.

Tests at the EE lab in Borehamwood, managed a top speed of 2.2Gbps with the company saying that consumers could expect to see downloads at 1.7Gbps when this technology rolls out in the real world.

The upgrade is all thanks to a collaboration with US technology giant Qualcomm and is the first time any European network has achieved this feat using existing technology.

It’s unclear when consumers will be able to access 5G at these ludicrous speeds but it could certainly make most home broadband look embarrassingly slow.

Speaking about the upgrade, David Salam, Director of Mobile at EE, said: “Our commitment to technology investment and innovation, coupled with our leading 5G footprint, continues to see the EE network offer and sustain the best overall 5G experience in the UK. By pooling our research expertise with Qualcomm Technologies, we have been able to further enhance the EE network and will start to deliver some of Europe’s fastest 5G speeds in our major cities.”

And Vikrant Jain, Director, Business Development at Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., added: “We’re proud to have worked with EE to achieve such a notable milestone in the evolution of 5G technology. Qualcomm Technologies would like to congratulate EE as it remains at the forefront of 5G technology innovation.”

5G is the future of smartphones with almost all new devices, including the latest iPhone SE, now featuring compatibility with this new technology. Firms such as Samsung, Apple, Oppo and OnePlus have all embraced this upgrade which not only offers much faster downloads but also a more reliable connection, especially at busy areas such as stadiums and train stations.

Some broadband providers including Three Mobile are also using 5G to blast the web into homes. The advantage of this technology is there’s no annoying installation with customers simply plugging in a 5G router and getting instant access to the web.


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