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‘Three Girls from Bronzeville’ is a story about growing up on Chicago’s South Side — and so much more


Turner allows the reader to see the next page in that truly American story of migrating and reinvention, through the eyes and adventures of her and her childhood friends. Turner’s tone is true whether she’s describing the girls’ quotidian race to a special spot on a ledge above Bronzeville, in their mid-range building seemingly planted between the projects and a fancy, new apartment complex, or the heart-racing discovery of what her grandmother calls “that nasty photograph” – a polaroid of a naked Black woman young Dawn finds in the laundry room. She may have begun as an awkward nerd, stumbling through life, afraid to question any rules, but she has clearly grown into a powerful speaker of truth. As narrator of this volume, Turner has learned a thing or six about perspective and forgiveness, acceptance and humility.

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