Thousands sign our petition urging Rishi Sunak to protect triple-lock on pensions

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Debbie de Spon, Communications Director at campaign group Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) told losing the triple lock would have lasting consequences.

She said: “The impact of the loss of the triple lock will impact WASPI women born in the 1950s and have lifelong consequences. Already disadvantaged by rapid increases to their State Pension age without proper notice, many have now spent their savings just to get by and have no means to withstand inflation and cost-of-living increases. Some women received only twelve months’ notice of a six year increase to their State Pension age.

“Many cut back on work or left their jobs in good faith to provide care for aging relatives, anticipating a pension at age 60. The DWP’s negligence and maladministration have left many in dire straits.

“So many of us then had to live on what meagre savings we had and we now have no cushion at all against the enormous rises in the cost-of-living, with our pension incomes fixed.

“There is now a fierce urgency to the Government acknowledging the terrible position DWP’s mistakes have put us in and to providing fair, fast compensation to remedy their errors.”


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