‘They won’t come back’: Mrs Hinch fans share how to remove dandelions from lawns

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“This will loosen the earth, then gently pull the dandelion and it should come up easily with all the large root intact.”

Linda Reid commented: “If you can pull them out with the root.”

Lynn Shirley said: “A good way is to dig them out individually.”

Caroline Mabbs replied: “Get a dandelion remover tool, pull them out by the roots, then give them to someone with rabbits or guinea pigs.”

Vanessa O Rourke wrote: “Dig around the root with a knife. If roots come out they won’t come back.”

Wilko Hand Weeder Carbon Steel costs £3.

Spear & Jackson 4059NB Elements Dandelion Weeder is £5.99 from Amazon.

Spear & Jackson Traditional Stainless Daisy Grubber is £8.95 from Homebase.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch gardening enthusiasts were to use white vinegar, salt or to just leave the plants.

Emma ‘Emmie’ Freeman said: “If you feel you must remove certain plants, then any vinegar stronger than 11 percent in acidity would work.


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