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The Trailer: The Parent Trap: Republican see a winning issue in Virginia, while Democrats see a ruse


Polling on congressional Democrats’ legislative agenda has been fairly hard to come by, and interest groups have rushed to fill the vacuum by portraying the domestic policy package — and sometimes, the bipartisan infrastructure bill — as trillions of dollars in “socialism.” Voters remain confused about what’s in it, which is sensible, because what’s in it will change after negotiations. But opposition to the bill itself remains fairly low, with just 29 percent of voters set against passing any version of it. A similar share of adults, 32 percent, say passage of the bill will make their lives worse; 43 percent of voters say their lives would remain “the same,” while a quarter say they’d get better. The Democrats’ agenda hasn’t yet become as unpopular as the Affordable Care Act was in 2009, or the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was in 2017. That’s a source of liberal frustration; advocates want the budget passed now, worried that delay will give opponents, who have been slow to mobilize, time to convince voters to turn against it.

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