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The Trailer: "The new Democratic Party": What we learned (and what we don't know yet) from New York's primary


The result? High turnout, with 798,491 votes cast between the early vote period and the end of Election Day. The city sent out more than 200,000 absentee ballots, with less than half returned by Tuesday. (The deadline for the arrival of ballots postmarked by Election Day is June 29.) Already, turnout is well over the 691,801 votes cast in 2013, when Mayor Bill de Blasio won, and the 785,365 cast in 2001 — the last time Democrats competed in a runoff, the system replaced by ranked-choice this year. When it’s all counted, the total may not be far off the 996,497 votes cast by Democrats in their 2016 presidential primary; some of the state’s most repressive voting laws, such as cutting off party registration months before the primary, have been wiped off the books since then.

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