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The Trailer: "The high ground": Why Democrats are running on images from Jan. 6


National political figures fared very poorly in this poll, with President Biden’s approval rating falling below 40 percent, and 20 percent of voters unable to choose in a potential Biden-Trump rematch. Voters were also wildly divided on what sort of behavior epitomizes “freedom” — while a majority of voters favored masking requirements, for example, a majority also said that “freedom” included the ability to refuse a vaccine. There was widespread agreement that “democracy” is under threat — but most of that sentiment came from conservatives. Three-quarters of voters who backed Trump in 2020 said that democracy faced a “major” threat, compared with 41 percent of Biden voters. For Democrats, the question prompts thoughts of stricter election rules and attempts to overturn the 2020 result, while Republicans, most of whom believe that the 2020 election was stolen, hear that in the question.

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