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The Trailer: Andrew Yang's got a new political party — and he wants to change how we vote


Charles Graham, “The Battle of Hayes Pond.” North Carolina Republicans are expected to draw Rep. Dan Bishop (R) an even safer seat outside of Charlotte. Robeson County, home to the Lumbee tribe, has shifted dramatically away from the Democratic Party, thanks in part to the Trump administration promising to recognize the tribe. Graham, a tribe member and the only Native American in the state legislature, turned his background into the most viral congressional ad of the year. It was his idea, implemented by Frank Eaton of Putnam Partners: Describe how Lumbee tribe members stood up to the Ku Klux Klan, and link it to America’s current political divisions. “The biggest lie is that America is at war with itself,” Graham says, over imagery of the Jan. 6 insurrection and riots in 2020. The spot doesn’t get into details of Graham’s current positions, and after it clocked several million views, his new audience clashed with his old views. Graham recanted his vote for the state’s transgender “bathroom ban” legislation, which Bishop had sponsored.

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