The best sports movies ever

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The relationship between the big screen and sports is great. It serves to tell stories that we knew, but with much more context, and also to learn things that maybe we didn’t know about our heroes, in the end, they give a lot of context to the epics they achieved.

But above all, there are some that live for free in our brains. We know the lines and even act out the scenes because they marked an important moment in our sporting lives. What’s more, we even use them to inspire us on those days when we feel a bit defeated.

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Let’s take a look at the most iconic sports movies. Which of these do you like the most?


This documentary became one of the most celebrated in history because it introduced us to a story we didn’t know about the legendary Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna. More than a documentary, we were told a story with heroes and villains.

From his relationship with Alain Prost to what the driver meant to Brazil. It gave us a much more human Senna and took away some of that aura, to strengthen his presence as a hero. Senna used a lot of archival footage that had never been seen before and interviewed people who knew him since he was a kart racer.

The amount of research that was done was monumental, from home recordings to footage that was archived by Formula One and never used. Senna appealed even to non-racing fans because it told a wonderful story of an extraordinary human being. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a Must.

The Wrestler

The reality of wrestling in front of your eyes. What Darren Aronofsky accomplished was epic. He told the story that we all knew, but no one dared to tell, what happened to the wrestlers when they were past their prime.

His main fear was that the wrestling world would reject him, but to his surprise, they welcomed him with open arms and even gave him facilities to record in independent promotions that wanted that story to be told because it showed the passion they had for their sport.

The story of Randy “The Ram” Robinson, resounded around the world and raised an uproar among athletes who did not take care of their future and burned the candle on both sides. It painted a reality that not everyone knew about and at the same time revived Mickey Rourke’s career.


Sylvester Stallone is very good at making epics, and for this film, he had to learn to play a sport that was totally unknown to him. We tell you about it. When the American actor received the script he liked it, but he had no idea about soccer or how to play it.

The production immediately turned to world-class players and Pelé helped them choreograph the soccer scenes to make them look more real. Stallone trained for over 6 months with a professional goalkeeper to teach him all about goalkeeping, and he succeeded.

Victory is a great film that tells a great story about a game that did exist in WWII. Obviously, the film takes a lot of creative licences, but the realism of the soccer scenes is what makes it memorable for soccer fans.

It was King Pelé’s debut on the big screen and although he did not give an Oscar-worthy performance, he was well-liked for his naturalness and sense of humor. Besides, all the soccer scenes did not use stuntmen, they were professional soccer players and Stallone became a very respectable goalkeeper, according to reports.

Remember the Titans

A story with a great message that uses football as a way to overcome differences between people. With spectacular performances and spectacular soccer, sequences Remember the Titans is one of the best soccer movies ever made.

The film is used by many teams to motivate their players to learn to play as a team and to put aside superficial things. This was one of the movies with which Pep Guardiola motivated that team that won everything and amazed the planet.

It is so good that not only teams use it to motivate. Large companies use it as a tool to create unity among their employees, and there are studies that mention that productivity is increased by 25% when this movie is used to motivate.


The saga written by Sylvester Stallone has become one of the most iconic movies in history, and not only in sports. Rocky tells a story of self-improvement and hard work that appeals to all audiences, not just boxing fans.

From the first one to the last one that came out in 2006, there are no people who don’t know the lines or use the soundtrack for training. This is another movie that has a lot of acceptance among companies and teams to motivate.

In fact, many modern boxers cite Rocky as an inspiration and the reason they chose to pursue a career in the ring. Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and other boxers take the Italian Stallion as one of their greatest inspirations.

The realism of the story and the boxing scenes are what makes it so good. Stallone was known to actually box on film, so some, or most of the punches are real, in fact in the filming of Rocky 4 he took a punch so hard that his solar plexus was broken and he was in the hospital for a couple of months. That’s dedication.

Evidently, you have seen some of these. It’s inevitable to know the songs or even the dialogues because these outlive time and despite the years they are still very much alive. There are remakes and even sequels that give them a lot of validity in the current generations that take them as inspiration.

There are many sports movies, all are stories that have a message and obviously, everyone has favorites, but these are some of the most iconic and are usually at the top of the charts and continue to generate income for their authors. Which of these do you like the most?

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