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The Benefits of a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel

The vacation home industry has been steadily growing in recent years and is set to be worth an estimated $105 billion globally by 2026. With increasing numbers of people opting for private holiday homes and short-term rentals of private rooms or apartments rather than resorts or hotels, the vacation rental industry is booming.

When planning your next vacation, deciding where to stay is almost as important as choosing your destination. These days, the options are plentiful and comprise more than just booking into a local hotel. With vacation rentals offering competitive pricing and a whole host of other benefits, this article has outlined some of the reasons to consider renting a holiday home over a hotel for your next trip.

An Enhanced Holiday Experience

Rather than being just a place to rest your head after a long day of sight-seeing, holiday homes such as Islamorada vacation rentals can offer you a second home in your chosen destination. Having a comfortable base to stay in while you are on vacation can add to your overall experience and allow you to live like a local while you are there.

Unlike hotels, most rentals offer more than just a bedroom and provide you with all the amenities you would have while at home. Having a kitchen gives you the option to cook or prepare your meals with ease rather than having to dine out. Not only will you save money, but you will also have the convenience of knowing your meals are taken care of. This is especially helpful if you have children or are unfamiliar with local cuisine. Staying in these properties also gives you the space to relax and take advantage of ample storage and outdoor areas such as decks, yards or patios.

More Inclusive 

When renting a vacation home, there is no need to split your group up by staying in separate hotel rooms, which are often spread out across different floors. Instead, you can all enjoy the luxury of leisure time together under one roof. Spending quality time together whether you are cooking, eating or relaxing together can make your holiday more enjoyable and fun for everyone.

Your vacation can be even happier and more memorable with the company of your beloved pet in tow. Unlike most hotels that prohibit pets, you can bring your cat or dog with you to a vacation home allowing you to spend time exploring, hiking or playing together. This also has the added advantage of saving on pet-sitting fees or finding someone suitable to mind them while you are away.

Greater Privacy 

As well as more space, holiday rentals can also offer the benefit of greater privacy for guests. Most come with their own private amenities such as swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs and fire pits which allow you to indulge your senses without having to share your space with strangers. The privacy offered by booking a vacation rental, also means you will avoid any disturbances from other guests or having to queue for your breakfast buffet in the morning.

Many holiday homes are also located in remote or secluded locations offering you a true private getaway. Whether you prefer a mountain hut, a quiet cottage or a beach cabin, vacation rental homes can offer something for everyone.

With all of these benefits, why not book your next holiday home today?

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