The 4 lesser-known ways you can get money back from the Government

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Desperate Brits are looking high and low for ways to bolster their income or reduce their outgoings as the cost of living crisis deepens. But many don’t know that their income boost can come from the Government, with a variety of lesser-known tax savings available for a wide range of people.

The biggest squeeze on real terms income is developing across the UK, as skyrocketing inflation and bills push more and more Brits into financial uncertainty.

The Government has promised more help is on the way to ease the cost of living crisis – but hopes are not high given the limited support announced in April.

The most well-known ways to get money from the Government come in the form of benefits – but these are means-tested and not everyone is eligible to claim them.

However, there are several ways you can maximise your income via Government schemes and tax incentives that most people don’t even know they’re missing out on.

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