'Thank god we are out!' Brexiteers vindicated after EU threat to 'crush free speech'

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GB News prime time host Mark Dolan said that Britain’s departure from the EU was vindicated following a series of “chilling threats” from “a Brussels bigwig”. Thierry Breton, Commissioner for EU Internal Market, responded to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter by insisting that the social media platform will have to play by the EU’s rules. Mr Dolan said the response from Brussels was “a boast that they will crush free speech in the bloc”.

He issued an impassioned defence of Brexit, calling it a “precious gift” that ” must never be given away”.

Elon Musk celebrated his takeover of Twitter, which cost the billionaire $44billion (£38.1billion), by tweeting: “The bird is free.”

Mr Breton responded: “In Europe, the bird will fly by our rules.”

Mr Dolan called out the Brussels commissioner, telling viewers: “Chilling stuff, what might those rules be? Thank god we are out.”

He called on the new Prime Minister to protect Brexit, as he warned against “bitter Remainers” trying to force Britain into rejoining the European bloc.

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He pointed to last week’s protest in Westminster which saw 15,000 pro-EU Remainers descend on central London as part of the National Rejoin march, a campaign for Britain to re-enter the bloc.

Large crowds of Remainers walked from Park Lane to Parliament Square, as supporters waved EU flags and carried placards denouncing Brexit.

Mr Dolan said: “But Remainers, who have never accepted the result, are not limited to just unwashed activists on the streets.

“Powerful forces within academic, corporate, media elite would love us to return to Brussels with our tails between our legs.

“Brexit is an insurance policy against ever joining the euro and losing control over our economy.

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