Tampa Pro – Skateboarding’s Most Popular Competition

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Tampa Pro
Tampa Pro

Tampa Pro is a professional skateboarding competition held in the Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT), nestled near the coastline of Tampa, Florida. The event was first held in 1995 and has since become one of the most prestigious events on the professional skateboarding circuit. The event occurs in March of every year and features a different course layout with each new iteration.

Tampa Pro is a competitive skateboarding event that brings together the best in the sport and provides an opportunity for up-and-coming pros to showcase their skills. The competition includes a street course, vert ramp, and bowl. It is open to all levels of skaters from beginner to professional and the top male and female competitors get invited into the National Final Competition in Los Angeles.

Gaining a win in Tampa Pro is not just good for a professional skater’s credibility and pocket, it also grants you a golden ticket to the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) finals night. For pro skaters who make their bread and butter through competitions, this golden ticket gives them a shot at taking home some of the SLS $1.6 million in prize money without having to spend money on traveling the globe to compete in placement tournaments.

Why Do Skaters Love Tampa Pro?

Gritty and wild, Tampa Pro bucks many of the traditional attributes of competitive sports. Instead, the competition’s format reflects the values and ethos of the culture surrounding skateboarding. This is most likely to be the reason behind why Tampa Pro appeals to the more core demographic of skaters despite its much smaller prize pool compared to events like X-Games and SLS.

The scoring system, for example, is unlike any other kind of competitive sport (even among other skate competitions). Each skater is technically allotted 60 seconds after they first pop their board to put together a line but both the competition’s judges and commentators will nevertheless encourage competitors to continue skating after their time runs up if they are on a roll – this is referred to as “Tampa Time”. Furthermore, judges also encourage skaters to perform a mandatory flat-ground trick to boost their scores following an unsuccessful line attempt.

Unlike other popular sports like football and hockey, skateboarding is traditionally uncompetitive. It is thus gratifying for skaters to watch a skateboarding competition that reflects the collegial atmosphere they are used to.

Recent Winners

Much to the joy of the competition’s hosts, this year’s Tampa Pro gold was taken by Floridian local Jamie Foy and for many his was like hitting the jackpot at online casinos in South Africa. Last year, Tampa Pro was won by Australian professional Shane O’Neill, a victory that no doubt helped propel the popularity of his recently established board company, April.

Watch Tampa Pro

If you are an avid skateboarder who loves watching competitive variations of the sport, be sure to check out Tampa Pro. For only $15, you can watch your favorite skateboarders rip it live in Florida’s most renowned skatepark. Otherwise, you can watch the full events for free on YouTube.

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