Home World Taliban leadership 'lacks experience and talent' – Afghanistan faces 'disaster'

Taliban leadership 'lacks experience and talent' – Afghanistan faces 'disaster'


Swathes of Afghans have steadily been leaving their homes in Afghanistan for years before the Taliban takeover, looking for safety in neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Turkey.

Former military man with experience in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Dr Ashraf told Express.co.uk that three factors, including the Taliban’s capability to rule and how they respond to extremism, could impact the country’s near-future trajectory.

He stated that, apart from their governance, they could be impacted by “the way this impending humanitarian catastrophe – or disaster, as it has been described by various people, is going to pan out.

“If it does become a disaster where people are starving, and are dying of cold – because winter in Kabul and in parts of Afghanistan is really very cold – then I think there will be a great deal of trouble.”

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