‘Super effective’ way to naturally kill weeds between paving and patios – ‘will burn them’

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Paved patios and driveways add a great deal to the overall aesthetic of almost any home and that makes them a most welcome addition. However, if neglected for an indefinite amount of time, these patios can get overrun with pesky weeds. Before gardeners know it, they will be popping up, right and left between the slabs or blocks of patios.

Gardening experts at Fantastic Services have shared how to use natural weed killer remedies to get rid of weeds.

They explained: “Believe it or not, there are certain products that everyone has in their kitchen which can substitute store-bought weed killer. 

“Not only are they easy to get a hold of but they’re also surprisingly effective.”

The experts noted that white vinegar is “super effective with dealing with patio weeds.

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The gardening gurus added: “Vinegar is super effective when dealing with smaller weeds, not so much with bigger ones.  

“When applying it to weeds, make sure not to spill it on any neighbouring plants, as it will burn them as well.”

Salt can also be used as an “effective” method of eliminating paving weeds.

The experts explained: “Salt has been used for centuries as a herbicide because of how effective it is. 

Baking soda is also a good natural weed killer, according to experts.

The gardening pros said: “To make use of this method, scatter some baking soda in bigger quantities all over the block paving. 

“Then with the help of a broom, sweep the soda into the cracks where the weeds are growing out of. 

“Add the finishing touch by spraying water all over your patio, using a hose. 

“This method is most effective during spring and autumn.”


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