Sunak is devastating for Labour! Rishi humiliates Starmer's two-faced strategy at PMQs

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Triumphant Rishi Sunak had Tory MPs cheering at PMQs as he warned Sir Keir Starmer cannot be trusted to lead the country. The new Prime Minister vowed to tell truth to hard-working Britons and sought to draw a line under the months of chaos that have characterised the Conservative party in recent months.

Hitting out Sir Keir, he warned his opposite number had backed Jeremy Corbyn, attempted to undo Brexit, and had promoted spending billions of unfunded policies when he was seeking to become Labour leader in 2020.

Welcoming the change of approach from Sir Keir he praised him for having “finally realised that spending does need to be paid for”.

Mr Sunak said to the roars of Tory MPs in the Commons: “I told the truth for the good of the country, he told his party what it wanted to hear.

“Leadership is not selling fairy tales, it is confronting challenges, and that is the leadership the British people will get from this Government.”

Accusing Sir Keir of putting “party first and country second” the Prime Minister demanded the Labour leader “explain to us why it was a few years ago he was supporting” Jeremy Corbyn.

He added that Sir Keir had “tried to overturn the biggest democratic vote in our country’s history” when he was the former leader’s shadow Brexit secretary.

The Conservative benches in the chamber were the most vocal and supportive they have been in months as they backed their new leader in his series of attacks.

Mr Sunak reiterated that “mistakes were made” by Liz Truss when she was in No10 but promised to make the “difficult decisions” necessary in order to restore “economic confidence and stability”.

Warning of tough times ahead, he added: “My record is clear, when times are difficult in this country I will always protect the most vulnerable, that is the values of our compassionate party. We did it in Covid and we will do that again.”

Shortly before PMQs Chancellor Jeremy Hunt had announced that his Halloween budget setting out the measures to get the UK’s deficit under control was being delayed to November 17 to take account of the very latest economic forecasts.

He said it would be “prudent” to wait for the new information to ensure the statement was based on the most accurate possible data.

Attempting to paint Mr Sunak as out of touch at PMQs, Sir Keir reminded parliamentarians of a video that emerged this summer of the now Prime Minister talking about changing Government spending formulas.

The Labour leader said: “He pretends he’s on the side of working people, but in private he says something very different.

“Over the summer he was secretly recorded at a garden party in Tunbridge Wells boasting to a group of Tory members that he personally moved money away from deprived areas to wealthy places instead.

“Rather than apologise or pretend that he meant something else, why doesn’t he now do the right thing and undo the changes he made to those funding formulas?”

Mr Sunak replied: “I have been honest, we will have to take difficult decisions to restore economic stability and confidence, and my honourable friend the Chancellor will set that out in an autumn statement in just a few weeks.

“But what I can say, as we did during Covid, we will always protect the most vulnerable, we will do this in a fair way, but what I can say, I am glad that the party opposite, the honourable gentleman has finally realised that spending does need to be paid for, it is a novel concept for the party opposite.

“This Government is going to restore economic stability and we will do it in a fair and compassionate way.”

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