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'Stop the scaremongering!' Brexit Britain's trade surge sparks urgent Nexit demands


According to the Office for National Statistics, total exports of goods, excluding precious metals, increased by £1.3billion (4.9 percent) in May, driven by a £1billion (8 percent)increase in exports to EU countries.

Nexit Denktank campaigners hailed the news, urging the Dutch Government to follow the UK’s lead.

They said: “British exports grew by 4.9 percent in May compared to the previous month.

“That means UK exports are now HIGHER than before full-blown Brexit.

“This proves again that we don’t need the EU for trade. Stop the scaremongering.”

The ONS data also showed that the UK imported more from non-EU countries than the EU for the fifth consecutive month, although the gap is narrowing.

It comes as Britain continues to strike international trade deals with countries outside the Brussels bloc.

On Tuesday, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai and her British counterpart Liz Truss agreed to continue working to strengthen bilateral ties in a meeting in Washington.

Tai and Truss agreed that their recent truce in a long-running trade dispute over aid for plane makers Airbus and Boeing creates a platform for “future collaboration on shared challenges, including those posed by the anti-competitive practices of China and other non-market economies.”

They also stressed the importance of fair competition in the global economy, and agreed to work together to enhance the international trading system and address forced labour issues.

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Truss said the two discussed working together to tackle unfair trade practices, making progress on cooperation on large civil aircraft, and boosting the £196billion trading relationship. “Trade = growth = jobs,” she wrote on Twitter.

During a five-day visit to the United States, Truss will also travel to the West Coast to promote Britain as a destination for tech investment.

Britain and the United States started talks on a post-Brexit free trade deal when Donald Trump was president but failed to reach an accord before Joe Biden took office in January.

The Biden administration has put all new trade deals on hold while it reviews the trade policies of the Trump administration.

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Ms Truss took to Twitter after a successful day of negotiations yesterday.

She wrote: “Great to see Dr Bronaugh @USDA on agri trade.

“Pushing to lift ban on UK lamb exports, US is world’s 2nd largest importer.

“Welcoming return of British beef exports to the US.

“Cooperation on climate.

“I gave her British Stilton to celebrate the removal of 25 percent retaliatory tariffs!”

Securing a good deal with the US is crucial, as America is currently the UK’s largest single trading partner, with total trade reaching over £196billion ($252billion) in 2020.

Trade between the two countries also supports over one million jobs in each other’s economies.

The remainder of Ms Truss’s five-day visit will see the minister speak to leading Democrats and representatives from the tech industry, to discuss how a free trade agreement could set high standards for digital trade, according to a Government statement.

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