State pensioners could save £90 through new TV deal – how you can secure it

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State pensioners will have to juggle many costs, often with a limited income, which can prove challenging. As such, finding ways to save money will be key, especially as prices continue to soar.

To help with this, the broadband and TV supplier Sky has confirmed a new deal.

It is being made available to those above state pension age who receive Pension Credit, as well as those who are claiming Universal Credit.

The intention is to help these individuals to save £90 a year, a way to cut back on at least one cost.

Sky’s new deal is for broadband, and is called the Broadband Basics contract.

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The NOW deal may be available to people who are not already customers with the provider, if they are eligible. 

They have been advised to speak to NOW to find out more about the deal.

Natalie Hitchins, Which? Head of Home Products and Services, said: ‘During the cost of living crisis, it’s positive to see Sky   and NOW launch social tariff broadband deals for households claiming Universal or Pension Credit. 

“Providers should properly publicise social tariffs to customers to ensure that anyone who’s eligible is aware of and able to easily take up social tariff deals. 

“We would encourage any providers who don’t currently offer social tariffs to consider whether they can offer further support to their most financially vulnerable customers.”


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