Spider warning: Worst spider season as they lay eggs in your home – top tips to prevent

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Spiders often invade households during the autumn months where they search for a mate and somewhere to nest. This often occurs during the months of September and October. However, speaking on ITV’s This Morning today, Lynsey explained that Britons are already seeing spiders in their homes due to the mild winter weather.

The British Arachnological Society said all houses have spiders in them, with most going unnoticed because they hide away behind furniture and curtains.

However, with more and more households seeing spiders earlier this year, Lynsey suggested using preventative methods now.

The cleaning expert said: “So the reason they’re out earlier is because we’ve had such a mild winter so you may be noticing hay fever symptoms are a lot worse this year because there’s so much more pollen, so this is why.

“I even had one in the hallway the other day, it was huge.”

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“Use eucalyptus too and just spray the areas where they come in, around those doorframes. That’s not going to harm them, it’s just going to make them turn away.

“Citrus fruits too. If you squeeze a lemon and leave the lemon juice on the counter, they’re going to be attracted to that. But what they don’t like is the wax on your citrus fruits.

“If you have some lemon peel or orange peel left on the side, you can even put it into your bin, that’s going to stop them as well.”

Households can also leave a bowl of fruit out on the side because the majority of bugs, including spiders, do not like the smell.

Lynsey also recommended buying turmeric sticks too, available to purchase in supermarkets.

She said these work for “all insects”.

The cleaning expert added: “You can just have a few scattered in your plant pots, a few scattered around the outside of your home, but it’s a very strong smell and again it’s natural and not going to harm them.”

Households can also keep spiders out of the home by making sure they use a bin with a closed lid to keep smells at bay.

Lynsey also recommended placing a fragrance powder at the bottom of the rubbish bin because bugs including spiders will not like the strong smell.

One cheap method the Queen of Clean showed on the show was using bicarbonate of soda.

She suggested placing essential oils with the bicarbonate of soda and placing it in the bottom of the bin.

Cotton wool balls can also be used with scented oils to keep spiders away from rubbish bins.


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