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Sony PS5 update enables external storage for next-gen games, with a caveat


In a blog post Tuesday, Sony noted that the migration process between the console and external drive is faster than re-downloading the games. Users cannot, however, play PS5 games off the external drive, as they can with PS4 titles. The blog post also noted that PS5 games cannot be downloaded directly to the external drive.

Sony has stated previously that the console will support additional storage via internal M.2 drives in the future. As such, this update is something of a stopgap that lessens, but doesn’t eliminate, the inconvenience of the PS5′s limited storage space. Some of the console’s early titles have already run into storage issues, with “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” requiring over 200 GBs of space when players also include the “Warzone” battle royale mode. Other titles, like “Hitman 3” and “Destiny 2,” eat up over 100 GBs, according to a March article from Game Rant.

Other features of the update include cross-generation Share Play, allowing PS5 and PS4 users to share their screen with one another. The update also incorporates a new way to quickly disable in-game chat or reduce the volume of a player’s voice in a chat if they don’t know how (or just refuse) to adjust their microphone settings.

Once developers opt in, the PS5 will also now allow users to pre-download all game updates, eliminating the time users must wait before enjoying new content.

Sony also announced several new features for the PlayStation app. You can read the full update details here.

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